Asking for a Grata

At first, it may seem weird asking a customer for a Grata - but believe us, customers WANT to give recognition for a job well done! Once you do it a couple times, you'll see how easy it is. Some of our users have gotten hundreds and nearly a thousand Gratas!

When your interaction with a customer is nearly finished, simply ask the customer to leave feedback on their experience. Tell them it will take under a minute - and it would be incredibly helpful and appreciated. You'll be amazed how many people will be HAPPY to do it!

The Grata platform offers many ways to get a Grata from a customer or coworker:

  • If you're able to use your phone while you work, launch the Grata app, pull up your QR code and have your customer scan it with their phone

  • If you can't use your phone, then:

    • Print out your QR code and have it in your pocket ready to show the customer

    • See if your manager will print up a business card with your code on it - or make a sticker for your ID badge

  • Your company may be able to print your QR code directly onto your customer bills or receipts

  • Direct the customer to the company Grata page or your personal profile page, where they can give a Grata right from the webpage