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Use your Dashboard to create fun & elevate company culture

Giving and receiving recognition is an incredibly powerful and motivating experience. Many of our our clients use data from their dashboard to drive contests and call out stellar employees in team meetings.


From the Dashboard:

Using the "Employee" section, you can see who is getting the most Gratas this week. Use this to run contests and give prizes for the most Gratas over a period of time (day, week, etc.) Give a prize for the best customer or peer feedback in an individual Grata.

In the App:

  • Ask your employees to read through the "FEED" tab and send in their selection for the best Grata. This get your team involved on a regular basis and they can see how powerful an individual act of praise can be.


From the Dashboard:

Use the "Teams" section in the left navigation area to give prizes or give an executive shout-out to the team that gets the most or best Gratas.