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How do I add a work experience to my profile?

You can add or edit your work experiences at any time.  In the app:

  1. Open Grata app and sign in
  2. Tap the menu (three bars) in the upper right of the screen
  3. Tap Edit Profile
  4. Tap Experience
  5. Tap + Add Experience
  6. Fill out the necessary information and click Save

To get Gratas at your current employer, make sure the box labeled "I currently work here" is checked (it will have a blue background with a checkmark in it. 

If you're adding past experience, then uncheck that box and set an end date for your previous work experience. Your overall work experience you enter will be shown on your public web profile page - creating virtual "resume" for others to see.

If you'd like to edit an experience that already exists, click on the Pencil icon next to that experience. Here you can edit your title and start and end dates.